We operate in the shortest time possible interventions in favor of the elderly , sick and disabled people who need a home to help with personal hygiene , dressing , meals , companionship , supervision and protection , or for support for care of certain medical conditions . Assistance may be occasionally for an emergency , or you can program custom actions for a specified period up to the achievement of set objectives.

Our services

qualified services for the elderly , sick and disabled directly to the address . Addressed to persons who are in a condition of partial or total non- self-sufficiency physical and / or psychic or otherwise no longer able to manage their own family life without outside help , in order to allow them to remain in their own home in safety conditions:

The services offered by us concern:
Services Health Care and Social Health Homecare agreement Integrated area Na Na 1 and North 2
Services Health Care and Social Health Homecare Private ( in the Municipality of Naples and the province ruled islands
ASSISTANCE in private or affiliated facilities
Night Vigil , assistance and day care help patients admitted to hospital, clinic or private or affiliated facilities

The specialist care services for the disabled in schools consists of all functional interventions to increase the level of autonomy and integration of disabled people , including through extra-curricular and extra-curricular activities , with the exception of those tasks that are the responsibility of schools : material assistance and personal hygiene , the incoming aid and output from the areas outside the school facilities , the accompaniment for the use of the toilets
Scholastic Assistance Specialist Conventioned ( in the municipalities of Giugliano in Campania and Marano di Napoli)

Our qualified staff work at clinics, doctors' offices, public and private health organizations working together on a daily basis with physicians and internal staff to the structures themselves.

The service may have an occasional nature for an emergency, but it can also take on the characteristics of a real nursing outsourcing service.

In this case it will be identified a contact person who will interface regularly with the authorities. Companies in addition to vocational skills provided, we will add the benefits of outsourcing of services such as:

• relief of management problems and advice of highly specialized healthcare management
• reducing operating costs
• Access and use of staff with up to date skills, specific and targeted at the time
• continuous availability of staff
• Immediate response to new needs

In addition to purely medical interventions our nurses, all registered as IPASVI, they are available to support traditional companies in all care settings such as:

• nursing collaboration with the company doctor during the medical screening Labour
• instrumental examinations (meter PA, Electrocardiogram, Spirometry, etc ... etc ...)
• First aid
• critical area
• Domestic observation

Nurses have other OAS specialized figures - OSS that during recent years have developed a specific training path with multiple experiences in hospitals have made effective auxiliary management models can be made in hospital wards and complex operational units. < br /> The OAS has been certified ISO 9002 quality specifically outsourcing hospital sector.