About Us

M.I.C. ( World on the way ) and Nadir are two independent cooperatives created to offer assistance in the social welfare and healthcare ( DL 328/2000 ) in private and public. The cooperative M.I.C . born in 2002 , the area of ​​expertise is to operate in the public sector has an agreement with the municipalities of the areas < b > N14 - N15 - N16 * , while the cooperative NADIR was established in 2011 to meet the demands coming from the private sector and operates in the city of Naples and its province , excluding the islands . For years we guarantee a system of interventions and social and health services and health care aimed at different age groups and the need and conditions of fragility.

To assist patients in an effective and appropriate , serve extraordinary people , they are the people that make M.I.C . and NADIR , two well-respected and well-established reality in the territory where they operate. In fact , for years we work with the skills and the proper tools, managing to create a real network of professionals who act in support of the person , to accept the needs and responding flexibly and dynamically to their needs.

Work with us intelligent , determined , dynamic , professional , flexible and available , that share common goals and aspirations within their < b > working team < / b > , in order to carry out these processes of change that allows all those who need of our services to live with dignity .

All activities are carried out , they are the result of the commitment of many operators who with tenacity and passion are committed to best assist their patients . The following are the main activities of the cooperatives :
1. Provide assistance in social health and health care,
2. Training of staff according to criteria and top-level professional standards ,
3. Implementation of development projects in the sector of origin ,
4. Organization of vocational training courses .

* The territorial areas , regulated by L.328 / 2000 , represent well-defined geographical areas and act as the union of municipalities that are associated with each other , interact and contribute to the realization of the local system of social services ( local welfare).

The Scopes define the Area Plans , tools for the integrated system of interventions and social services and for the evaluation and planning of their own development.

The following are areas in which it operates in the cooperative M.I.C Convention.

N14 – Comune di Giugliano in Campania
N15 – Comune di Marano di Napoli – Quarto
N16 – Comune di Mugnano di Napoli– Qualiano – Villaricca – Melito - Calvizzano