Our Operators

To assist patients in a superlative way , they serve extraordinary people , are the people that make M.I.C . and NADIR , two well-respected and well-established reality in the territory where they operate. In fact , for years we work with the skills and the right tools , managing to create a real network of professionals who act in support of the person , to accept the needs and responding flexibly and dynamically to their needs . Below we listed the professionals working within our coperative.

Social welfare operator (OSA): It carries out activities aimed at meeting the basic needs of the person , within their areas of competence or is in the social context that health , in order to promote the welfare and user autonomy. The OAS is an operator responsible for direct assistance to the person , household help , health hygienic performance of simple implementation.

It carries out its activities in residential or semi-residential structures , in hospitals and at your location , in collaboration with other professionals according to the criterion of the multifunctional work. In addition to the training program , essentially the difference with the OSS is that it assists the medical staff , which provide , in the most simple tasks . The OAS instead act exclusively within predominantly social.

Operator social health (OSS): It is a professional working in the health care field . Carries out his work in health and social sectors and therefore can perform his duties in the hospital and other health services , social services ( housing communities , senior housing , day centers , etc . ) Or in the person's home . Its activities are aimed at people who live a social distress or who are ill and their living environment . It must above all know how to carry out activities to help through sanitation interventions and social , in order to meet the basic needs of the patient , promoting the well-being and autonomy . He collaborates with others of different professional operators , but which have the same purposes ( doctors , nurses , psychologists , social workers, educators , physiotherapists , with families of assisted and voluntary associations ).

Social Health Operator with additional training (OSSS): is a recent professional who responds more adequately to the evolution of the services to the person, understood in the totality of his needs . In addition to carry out their tasks OSS , assists the nurses in all care activities and carries out other tasks such as administration by natural means " the prescribed therapy and performing an intramuscular and subcutaneous injection therapy on nursing planning" and other activities that until now were considered monopoly of general nurse profession (clutches , detecting vital signs , simple dressings , sterilization equipment , etc.).

Professional Educators of Social and Health: its role is to participate in educational and rehabilitation projects whose aim is to promote and contribute to the full development of the individual growth potential and social integration of people in difficulty . He works closely with people who offer support , spending many hours with them in the day . Thanks to that the educator acquires a remarkable experience on parties with whom it is in contact , and thanks to this can make a significant contribution to the setting and any changes during construction of the educational project.

Nurses: the nurse is the healthcare professional , in possession of the qualifying university degree and enrollment professional body is responsible for general nursing . Preventive nursing, curative, palliative and rehabilitative is technical , relational and educational . The main functions are the prevention of illness , care of the sick and disabled people of all ages and health education.

Psychologists: The psychologist is responsible for psychology along with the patients' true connoisseurs of the environment in which they develop problems "which is the source of information through which the psychologist can try to key muoversi.L'obbiettivo of every therapy should be the jump-start motor of thought. The psychologist is not a mechanical brain repairing the fault and delivery to the bill has been repaired, but the work is team: Psychologist and patient work together, albeit with different roles. In therapy, the psychologist seeks to engage and inspire people to an emotional level is both cognitive so that they can expand their view of things, which tends to be heavily constrained, limited and stiff when you face personal problem situations, where 'objectivity and flexibility are lacking. The goal is to be able to see the problem in a different way, because it implies a different way of relating to the issue and thus, simplifying the reasoning, it can be said that the same premises, look through different eyes, can lead to different outcomes.

Mmedical Specialists.