The INPS Public Affairs Manager has also implemented this year a project that finances Domestic Care Assistance.

These interventions within the Home Care Premium 2017 project are aimed at employees and retired public, former INPDAP management users, their spouses, and their first-degree family members, NOT self-sufficient b>, resident in the Municipality of Naples.

The cooperative Mondo in Cammino, in agreement with the City of Naples, is part of this project by providing home help to each beneficiary of INPS public administration employees in accordance with the PAI and within the limits of the assigned care budget. The assigned benefits have a monthly or one-time frequency and concern only the socio-medical assistance sphere to support self-sufficiency and the state of fragility.

The services and services that the cooperative World on the Road is committed to realize are as follows:
- Professional Home Services provided by healthcare professionals and professional educators;
- Relief;
- Services for children with autism.

To activate Home Care Assistance with the Worldwide Social Cooperative on the way to the Territorial Competent Social Services Center.
For more information call 3487927865